Near Death Experience

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  • Published: February 26, 2013
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Near Death Experience or Hallucination?
There is a phenomenon that occurs in a large portion of our population, and it has mysterious origins and is often seen as a spiritual journey. It is called a near-death experience, or NDE. The people who have the experience know what they felt and saw, but there is no proof of the incident, and many skeptics have found explanations for the event and have argued with the prospect of a spiritual journey. Everyone in America has most likely heard of the usual story of a woman on her death bed seeing a white light and a kind looking person taking her hand and leading her down a long path toward the light, but what causes this experience and who is a likely candidate for receiving it? Could everyone who states that they are having a NDE really be near death and experiencing what they are seeing? Many people have changed their lives after being told that they are not done yet on earth, and they are sent back from their experience with a renewed sense of vigor that seems like a spiritual awakening. With such grand spiritual connotations, it is no wonder that people want to know the validity of the incident and whether they can experience one for themselves. Science and religion have often butted heads when it comes to spiritual matters, and there is no difference in this matter because many scientists have done a large amount of research on the topic of NDEs and they have found scientific explanations for the experience while those who actually go through it see it as entirely legitimate.

Near death experiences have been happening to people since ancient times, and there have even been occurrences recorded in ancient Greece. In our country alone there is a recorded amount of about 3% of the population that say they have had a NDE, and that is simply in the U.S. It sounds like a small portion, but three percent of three hundred million is a lot, and the scientific community has taken notice, and they have studied who...
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