Nclb Legislation and Accountability

Topics: Education, No Child Left Behind Act, Teacher Pages: 4 (1105 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Impact of Accountability

The accountability movement has impacted the leadership of the school organization significantly. It has forced the administrator to be more focused on data collection which reinforces the organization's position of being progressive and substantiates the staff's work. However, the candidate's administrator has proven to be inconsistent with holding certain individuals accountable choosing instead to focus on specific personnel and possible infractions, whether they have bearing on this particular area of focus or not, therefore losing sight of the true outcomes being sought. When redirection is necessary to keep the organization in compliance of the accountability measures the administrator delegates this to a committee and has limited input relying instead on the members of the committee to research, discuss and decide on a course of action. Several new committees have been added to the candidate's organization to facilitate the implementation of the necessary leadership modules needed to smoothly and successfully meet the mandated criteria. The administrator is required to provide professional development for the staff to make sure they understand their role and to assist with compliance reporting.

Regardless of the inconsistent focus at times the decision was made to move the organization to a Title 1 facility to better meet the needs of the varied socio-economic levels of the students and their parents. This shift enabled the organization to access additional funding, both state and federal, to hire additional staff for more focused learning opportunities. Due to this move the organization has demonstrated marked improvement in standardized test scores that are on par or above district, and in some cases, state levels. By concentrating on students whose scores fall within a specified range targeted intervention is administered and data collected to legitimize the additional resources and keep the organization in compliance and...
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