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  • Published : January 20, 2013
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Case study n 2

1- NBA
Referee Tim Donaghy is involved in betting on games he officiated. He is involved in setting the score of the NBA 2002 final by extending the games series to seven games. This betting scandal affected the NBA in many ways; the customers and fans of this sport felt betrayed by the referee and the NBA management. The image of the NBA went down in its fans eyes and watchers lost their trust in the game. Fans, from now on will interfere in every questionable decision from the referee maybe has he personal profit for its outcome. NBA had a trustworthy image but unfortunately lost it. First of all NBA management should sue the referee involved and investigate with other referees to make sure that Tim was the only one involved in this scandal. Second, the NBA management should check the backgrounds of the old and new referees to see if they had any gambling history. Third, the NBA management should create a live and computed referee selection for every game; for example, a number of 40 trustworthy referee shows up to the game, 3 of them are selected by the computer to run the game, this way we reduce the chance of having a score previously settled by a referee. Fourth, NBA should include in her referee’s contract that any kind of game betting and gambling is forbidden. As for the press, the NBA management should focus on the fact that this scandal was made by a single referee and the other referees are clean, and that referees that get into this kind of gambling will be sued. They should also promote the new decisions made like checking referees backgrounds and the new system of picking a referee to the public. This way they will get their trustworthy image back. -NFL

Michael Vick was an NFL player in the Atlanta Falcons team, he was charged with running dog fighting games on his own property. Almost every person sees this act as cruel and inhumane. The Atlanta falcons’ management has 2 options; if they are going to keep Vick in the team...
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