Nazi Experiments

Topics: World War II, Unit 731, Nazi Germany Pages: 4 (1063 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Experiments: Doctors, Experiments, and Results
Melissa Anjeanette Edwards
POLYTECH High School of Kent County, Woodside, Delaware


During World War II experiments were done on the prisoners of war in Nazi Germany. Doctors for these camps came in all shapes and sizes including former S.S. Troops, Women, and a variety of prisoner doctors. The experiments differed as much as the doctors themselves; however they stayed the same in one factor, medical curiosity become killing in atrocious ways. The results were not just the physical deformities but the change in doctors, and the wonder left in the parents who will never know what happened to their children. The doctors, instructed by the Nazi’s, performed monstrous experiments with the result being death or permanent damage.

Experiments: Doctors, Experiments, and Results
Ariella jump of the train with the rest of my family and get told to line up. The S.S. ask if there are any doctors in the group, she raises her hand figuring they would let her help the sick and injured who had got off the train with her. Instead they sent Ariella off with a solider to a building unlike any other she had ever seen. She walks in and was handed scrubs and gloves then was told to put her hair back. Now a doctor walks in and tells Ariella that she’s been selected to help him preform medical test on prisoners of war. From then on the hardest thing for her to do was to stay a healer not a hurter.

There were three main types of doctors Nazi, women, and prisoner doctors (Lifton,1986). There were three different experiments, done for the military, that were completely Nazi’s doctors. The first was the freezing experiments that were conducted by multiple doctors including: Karl Brandt, Handloser, Schroeder, Gebhardt, Rudolf Brandt, Mrugowsky, Poppendick, Sievers, Becker-Freyseng, and Weltz. The second were the high altitude experiments done in Dachau which were performed by Dr....
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