Nature of Parenthood

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The True Nature of Parenthood
Parenting has been described as the hardest job with the least amount of training. To know the true nature of parenthood you must explore what it means to be a parent. Being a parent consist of many functions and responsibilities. Becoming a parent will not be easy because there are many disadvantages to becoming a parent but the benefits are beyond worth it. Most importantly knowing the value of having a parent from the child’s point of view helps to understand what parenthood is all about. The meaning of being a parent is not something that can be defined, the terms mother and father are used everyday but what do they really mean? Each term comes with a bundle of obligations, rights, and responsibilities that a parent must carry out. Being a parent means that you are present in every developmental stage of the child’s life from the day of fertilization. Becoming a mother or a father entails that you have created and brought into this world a new life that you are now responsible for. Every day is a reality that parenthood is more than just having a baby. It is your responsibility as a parent to shape your child’s character. At every stage in their young life they will be seeking to understand how the world around them works. As parents, we are obligated to provide ethical do’s and don’ts, to teach right from wrong in order to help our children learn the values we cherish. As we facilitate our children’s understanding of the world, we have the difficult task of battling against the realities of the world. As parents we must protect our children from what the world will throw at them. Therefore, a critical tool in parenting is teaching our children about human reality. Educating our children about the limitations of humans and what it’s like in human society helps children to learn how to deal with these realities. Whether you ask a foster, adoptive or maternal parent, they all will agree that an important part of being a parent is you must be a good role model. Young adolescents need strong role models. Your actions speak louder than words. Even at a young age your children pick up on the things you do. If you as a parent set high standards, your child stands a better chance of following your example. Let’s face it we are losing control between the media, peer pressure and the thousands of negative messages bombarding young adults. Nowadays being a good role model is an obligation of parents. Parenthood is defined in the dictionary as one who begets offspring, one who brings up and cares for a child, and most importantly is a guardian and protector. But is it more than that? The function of a parent is to do just as the definition states, to bring up and protect your offspring. As parents your function is to be there to support, encourage and reassure your child while all the time knowing that your world has been turned upside down. You must put your child ahead of yourself no matter what the circumstances. When a son or daughter is diagnosed with a sickness a whole new parenting function must be put into play. Your number one priority is now set around fighting the sickness of your child, whether they be young or not, standing by your child through every second until they are cured and are well again. This can sometimes be one of the hardest functions a parent must endure. The most important function of a parent is to love their kids, through every situation each and every day. Love is also the most important benefit a parent can experience from a child. Not just any kind of love though, unconditional love. One parent that was interviewed said “I have never seen anything more beautiful than the unconditional love I see in my children’s eyes when they look at me.” One thing is for sure, if you give a child love and you will get love in return. Creating the bonds between parent and child help to strengthen and retain that love. The benefits of being a foster parent are similar to...
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