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Topics: Golf, Statistics, Golf ball Pages: 4 (1075 words) Published: April 22, 2013
The Effect of Drop Height on Bounce Height with Golf Balls


The effect of bounce height and drop height with a Titleist golf ball and Top Flight golf ball was observed from three different heights. The first golf ball used while conducting this experiment was the more expensive option, “Titleist”, which has a softer core and is therefore expected to have less bounce. The second golf ball used in this experiment was a ball with a different interior structure than the first. A less expensive brand, “Top Flite”, has a harder core, which is expected to have a higher bounce. Experienced golfers tend to purchase more expensive golf balls to improve their performance on the golf course. We dropped the two different golf balls from 60 inches, 96 inches, and 120 inches to determine if drop height had an effect on bounce height. The golf balls did not bounce the same height when dropped from different heights, which showed a positive correlation between bounce height and price of golf balls.


For our experiment we chose to test two different golf balls according to their price. We had a more expensive ball that had a softer core and deeper dimples on the outer surface. Where as the cheaper ball had the opposite; a harder core and less drastic dimples. This was an interesting topic for us, being golfers it made sense for us to do this experiment it will help and maybe even change our buying process when it comes to purchasing golf balls. Wanted to see the actual difference between the inner core and its impact on how the ball bounces, is there a direct correlation between quality and price? The golfing industry is huge and is continually growing we found no study that showed the relationship between golf ball quality and price with growing interest this may change consumers buying perspective. Our hypothesis was that we concluded that two different golf balls dropped from the same height would not bounce at the same at the same rate....
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