Natural Life

Topics: Into the Wild, Christopher McCandless, Jon Krakauer Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: October 6, 2011
Humans are not alone on the planet. There are many other things that influenced by human. Also we discover new kind of living things with technological improvements. However, some kind of organisims become extinct because of damages by human influenced. Instead of human , there are so many organizations to protect the animals which are dying out ,but we all know that is not sufficent and we also don’t know what to do for the absolute solution exactly. It is my thought that before reading the “Rewilding north America”. She wants to rewild animals to protect them any damages on the space. She has a strong reason for doing that as she told in her essay “In the last 15 year or so,27 – percent of the known wolf deaths have been from the railway,and 60-percent were on the highway.Just 5-percent were natural....”. And it is just a research statistic for wolfs, there are lots of different kind of animals which disappear because of the civilizied world. You can easily have an idea that it is unavoidable thing that we should protect them,if you don’t read the “Selections from Into The Wild”. When I read the Krakauer’s “Selections from Into The Wild”, I realized that we begin to rewild ourselves.

For rewild ourselves and animals,first of all we have to understand clearly what they mean about ‘rewilding’.As Fraser’s part, she has a theory about that “But we get ahead of ourselves. Before projects , before Pluie,before the proof there was a theory. Like Newton’s falling apple, Pluie acted as inspration and demonstration. But scientific journeys begin with questions, not answers. The origins of rewilding-the conservation method designed to slow wave of human –caused extinctions-are rooted in the most important ecological theory of the twentieth century, a theory that examines the forces governing extinction, theory of island bigeography.”(112) .It is hard to don’t agree that but in my opinion we first rewild ourselves about the...
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