Topics: United States nationality law, Color, White Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: February 1, 2013
By reading this thoughtful essay, I learned that it is not easy to find an exact definition about who can be defined as an American. In the past, I take for granted concerned that people who has a powerful will coming to this free land can be possible to become an American citizen.But the term in the passage-"the cycle of we"-demonstrate that it is not what I originally thought.Actually, "the cycle of we"refers about the concept of ethnicity and colour line. According to the passage, Clearly,"the cycle of we" is only the "free white persons". For example,the black and yellow color didn't have the same right to be treated equally. As far as I am concerned,the term "the cycle of we" seems a little bit ironic. On the one hand, they talked about "we",it can define all of the people with the same definiton,onthe other hand, the passage referd that there is just a few people can be called "we", just a special kind of people.So "we" is not a general and wide range of concept.It only belongs to free people with white color according to the original Constitution. From the passage, I feel the naturalization process is not comprehensive and kind with so many serious prerequisites in value. That is why Eric Foner said in the beginning of the passage, "There has never been a single answer to the question 'Who is an American".

The reading passage discussed about the controversial social debate in the identity and naturalization of American citizenship. Briefly, it comes out a question about who can be defined as an American.

Despite the United States emblems the concept of equity, freedom in most of ours’ mind, however, the general noble values and principles in the nation are not inclining to apply to all groups of people from the onset based on the Constitution, which restricted the definition “free white persons” as the term to be an American citizen because of the racial and ethnic lines. Moreover, the author asserts the debate refers to the idea of exclusion and...
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