Nationalism Position Paper

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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It can be seen that the source that was given supports nationalism to a certain degree. They explain all of the positive things about embracing nationalism while giving only one small negative point. The positive points clearly prevail over the negative point which helps show the reader the author’s position on this issue. It can be seen that only self-determined countries are legitimate. The government that runs the nation-state, achieves this self-determination by gaining and keeping the support of its citizens. This results in the citizens coming together as a civic nation and having great pride in their country. If this self-determined country is created from ultra-nationalistic beliefs it will lead into a country that believes that they are far superior to other nation-states thus causing atrocities across the world. These ultra-nationalistic beliefs were able to create many wars and genocides throughout the world.

It is evident that throughout history many wars have occurred. One of the major ones would be the First and Second World Wars because it was damaging to all countries in the world. The Second World War in particular was caused by ultra-nationalistic views, where one believes that their country is superior to all other countries. Adolf Hitler a German leader was able to become the head of a political party where he renamed it to “Nazional Sozialismus Deutsche Arbeiters Partei” which is also known as the Nazi Party. With this party he was able to stir up many people into following him and following his ideals. Adolf Hitler was also able to convince the English and the French into giving him back Austria and Czechoslovakia which are two countries that they have lost because of the First World War. With these two countries Hitler began to believe that he was superior because he was able to gain these two countries easily. This led him into the invasion of Poland which triggered the beginning of the Second World War. Due to Adolf Hitler’s...
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