National Security: a Threat to Our Freedoms or Not?

Topics: Police, National security, Security Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Living a secured life is fundamental for each of the individuals. National Security was not a threat and will never be a threat to our freedoms. The criminals act against benevolence. If a nation is secured, it would be a total disaster for the grudgeful evils which would be profitable for the innocent souls, who just get to feel hurt or die with no reason....The nurturing buds, the mature flowers and the old trees; every being, from infancy to oldhood, needs defender to shield them. And, the National Security, with no doubt, acts as a refuge or a safeguard for the countrymen.

It is a must to have strong hands at your back, so there is someone to protect you from the on-going atrocities which could lead to a very sorrowful and a fatal death. Accepting the calamities happening and to avoid the National Security is the same as being between the devil and deep blue sea. What would we do if there were just a group of criminals on one side and a vacancy on the seats of the security department on the other? Who will come to blow the fire at that time? No one will!! We'll just have to bite the bullet!

Infanticide, murders, suicides, kidnappings, bankrobs, black-hat hackers, embezzlement, fraud, pillage, rapine, piracy, plagiarism and all of the other frightening crimes we didn't even think of; who will stop the inhumans from committing these crimes? Of course, the security department itself!

Freedom is what we all hunt for...Isn't it?? A security behind our backs will just tear out the 'authorized independence licence paper' of the malignants, not ours... In fact, we all would have the priviledge to roam freely like an open bird in the sky and will have the pleasure to enjoy the ecstasy of this planet Earth. Every safety that is essential must be increased and must be given importance to!! Just like a first-aid is used during an injury, a mild burn or a simple cut; we also need a substitution for a first-aid and during a very serious disease which can't be...
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