National & International Environmental Laws and Regulations

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National & International Environmental Laws and Regulations

Executive Summary
This report is concerned with the environmental laws, policies and regulations of both home and the international field. Here the policies of Bangladesh government are revealed to some extent to help to understand our stand in case of preservation and conservation of the natural resources as well as the environment. Through statistical help the policies are shown side by side the practical scenario of the country in case of environment awareness and safety control. Then we see some important international protocols such as Kyoto Protocol, The Boundary Waters Treaty etc. To understand more about the international scenario we take a special look into the USA and India’s policies and treaties. All together we get a clear picture about what is happening in the world and in our home regarding the environment. What are the policies we are taking up and what actually we are doing to protect and ensure healthier and safer environment.

We live in the harmony of nature; we are creatures of mother earth, mesmerized by nature. But the very beautiful and essential thing that we live in can become polluted due to our own mistakes. That is why all the laws, policies and regulations of the environment were originated from the human society to preserve which is more valuable than we can realize.

Environmental Laws:
Environmental law is a complex and interlocking body of treaties (conventions), statutes, regulations, and common law that operates to regulate the interaction of humanity and the natural environment, toward the purpose of reducing the impacts of human activity(Wikipedia).These laws help to protect the different components of the environment and by doing that ensures the overall protection of environment. Why we need it:

Although most environmental laws raises topic of controversies and debate, we need to have a set of principles by following which we need to ensure the safety of nature for our own good. Natural environment is fragile and in need of special legal protections, the environmental laws are nothing g but the translation of that recognition into legal structures. Although strong laws often do not guaranty strong protection, we need to have some guidelines to at least follow through, that is why it is so important. National environmental policies:

We Bangladeshies also promote the nature and environment safety, although we are still a developing country. With new development in the energy sector and rapid urbanization and industrialization, it is surely a pragmatic step to enact reforms at this point of time if not earlier. Needless to say, further development in this field is required before the Environmental Laws in Bangladesh is in a position to meet the need of the sector. Although Laws relating to environment can be traced to as early as the Penal Code of 1860, it is only during the last decade or so that we see major environment law reforms taking place in Bangladesh. Roughly, the Environmental Laws can be categorized as follows:

* Pollution
* Occupational Hazard and Safety
* Dangerous substances and Public protection
* Displacement , Relief and Rehabilitation
* Management of Land
* Agricultural Resources Management
* Water Resource Management
* Fishery
* Forestry
* Wildlife
* Energy and Mineral resources
* Rural and Urban planning
* Transportation and Safety (lawchronicles)
Objective of the government:

In the context of the environment, the Government of Bangladesh formulated an Environment Policy in 1992. The objectives of Environment Policy are to: * Maintain ecological balance and overall development through protection and * Improvement of the environment;

* Protect the country against natural disasters;
* Identify and regulate activities which pollute and degrade the environment; * Ensure environmentally sound development in...
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