National Highway Traffic Safety Administration- Boston Big Dig Disaster

Topics: Massachusetts Turnpike, Logan International Airport, Interstate 93 Pages: 4 (1406 words) Published: April 8, 2008
Most people remember July 10, 2006 as just another regular day in their lives. As for Angel Del Valle it was the day that he lost his most pride possession in life, his wife. While they were coming through the new section of the connector tunnel from Boston heading towards the Ted Williams Tunnel the ceiling from above collapsed and immediately killed Milena Del Valle who was driving at the time.

“At least 12 tons of concrete fell from the ceiling of one of Boston's Big Dig tunnels, crushing a woman in a car and again raising concerns about the integrity of the massive highway project that is the central artery through the city, A steel tieback that held a 40-foot ceiling section over Interstate 90 eastbound gave way late Monday night in the tunnel, a main access way to Boston's Logan International Airport. The tunnel was closed indefinitely as crews worked to remove about 30 ceiling slabs in a 200-foot section where the collapse occurred, Authority Chairman Matthew Amorello said Tuesday. Milena Delvalle, 38, of Boston's Jamaica Plain section, was pronounced dead at the scene. Angel Delvalle, 46, managed to crawl out a window of their crushed car with less than a foot of clearance and suffered minor injuries, according to State Police. Their car was partially crushed under at least four ceiling panels, each weighing 3 tons. The vehicle was in the left lane, giving the driver's side more protection as panels came to rest also on a left-side service walkway that is elevated several feet above the road. Milena Delvalle was a native of Costa Rica, and the two were newlyweds. They were on the way to the airport to pick up his brother and sister in law, who had been vacationing in his native Puerto Rico. We feel awful about what happened last night," Amorello said. "It's an awful, awful tragedy. This is an awful situation that occurred." Amorello appointed a state police major, two outside consultants and a team from the Federal Highway Administration to assist in...
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