National Food Marketing Plan

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We have segmented the US dairy market on characteristics of people:

Region: California, Great Lakes (highest sales region), Mid-South, Northeast, Plains, South Central, Southeast, West. (Appendix I) Density: Urban, suburban

Age: Above 10 years
Gender:Male and Female
Income: $5, 000 and above
Occupation: University Students, Professional Working People, Housewife Race: All: Asian, Black, White, and Native
Social Class:Lower middle Class, Middle upper class, Middle-Middle class.

Activities:Health related, education, Convenience
Interest: Outdoors, Active, sports, fashion, family values Opinion: Social concern
Lifestyle: Most of them dependent on parents, no major responsibilities, importance of school, work and social life

Benefits sought: Communication benefits: (Juan G. T., (2008)) * Nutritional information
* Informational text on history of product
Functional Benefits:
* Dairy products are healthier than junk foods
* Fairly obvious calcium, vitamins and minerals
* reduction of disease risk
Perceptual benefits:
* quality/ price
* social standing/nice packaging
Usage rate: Hourly-basis, daily-basis, weekly basis.
User status: Non-user, regular user
Loyalty status:None, medium, strong

After the practice of segmentation, we sum up our target consumer is educated female that include university students, professional working female and housewife. National foods will focus on these three groups of people, because they are the potential user that fit our new product.

Healthy products such as yogurt drinks are positioned as tasty and nutritious snack with dairy benefits, and low fat type of yogurt has largest market share in the yogurt market (see Appendix VI). On-the-go yogurt drinks feature young people friendly packaging and moms like it as nutritious “lunch box suffer”. Drinkable yogurt allows university’s students to get the benefits of yogurt without the fuss of carrying around a spoon. (Leon S. & Leslie K., 2010)

For the professional working female, using office lady as an example, they usually work in an office nearly 10 hours or above per day, so they have the problem of Lack of exercise, this leads to an overweight of those people, and also it is the reason for the growing rate of obesity among those people. So they become more conscious of eating right food and exercising. They are more concern with how to keeping fit, what kind of foods are good to body and how to calculate daily needed calories. Low fat dairy product may meet the needs of professional working female to become healthier and balance their diet.

Housewife also is our target consumer, because they are the food buyer of the family. Family member like children and elderly usually will not buy dairy products by themselves but through housewife our product can be gain new users of children and elderly. Healthy dairy products contain protein, calcium and magnesium, which are important for children and eldly to develop strong and healthy teeth and bones (Elaine Magee, MPH, RD (2010)), so housewife would be our important targeting group.

Our company will focus on local marketing that concern with consumer needs and wants continuously. Refer to new eating trend; health conscious becomes the hot issue. US people are more concern with how to keep body healthily. Our company will choose to launch healthy dairy products to US market which are low fat, high quality, and convenience. (Clifton & Harter, 2004)

We also concern with purchase convenience problem and spread our product in different channels. Consumer can buy our new product at majority of U.S. supermarkets, convenient store and even in McDonalds.

Unique selling proposition is a good way to help consumer to separate our new product with other similar dairy products in US market. The...
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