Nation of Islam

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The Nation of Islam
Historical basement
Speaking about the civil rights movements in particular it is necessary to understand the subject’s definition clearly in whole. Civil rights movements appeared as political and social actions and organizations’ movements targeted on obtaining equal legal rights and responsibilities and exception of any sort of privileges based on the national, racial or religious characteristics. Civil rights movements used to utilize different, sometimes illegal or even terroristic, methods of their aims’ achieving. These processes had taken place in different countries and even on different continents. Regardless of the methods and aims of those movements we can’t say that all of them were successful or that all of them pursued clear and honest goals. But it is obvious they have changed our world, through changes in the several countries’ policies and social basements. Not in every case these changes were for good, but it is history and we should know it and respect it.

Speaking about the United States of America, it appears to be a cradle for several types and expressions of civil rights movements. It is logical, because for its entire history this country had been a real melting pot for different races, nations and religions. Different people alone or with families came to America to find the better life; some of them had been brought against their willing. Well-known, that before the Civil War the society was divided into white masters and black slaves, with almost no civil rights. We will not dive so deep into the historical pictures and events, but we should remember and use these facts while learning and analyzing the current situation with civil rights movements. History is the subject where is no separated facts; all events, facts and issues are thoroughly connected and should be viewed only through these close connections.

Returning to the recent history civil rights movements in the United States (1950s- 1980s) included mass efforts which were targeted to eliminate private and public displays of the racial humiliation and disregarding of human and civil rights of African Americans and some other discriminated groups. These movements lightened main problems of African American, their wishes and demands. And of course all of know Martin Luter King – the wrestler for civil rights of black citizens of the United States and the Christian preacher. Christian humanism at that time was an ideological platform of struggle for equality for African Americans, appealed to the conscience and humanity of white Americans. It was a movement for equality in its pure form, but still not a national movement. National movement emphasizes contrast of its people; emancipators also try to prove their domination ​​on the basic parameters. African American Christians were fighters for the emancipation of African American civil equality. And if the African American Christian defenders made ​​possible the full integration of them into American society, the basis of political identity as a separate African-American groups and nations were certainly laid not by them. After getting the major civil rights through emancipation African Americans got the opportunity and willing to face and identify their nationality. These and similar targets motivated radical black youth thinking about the compatibility of their own religion (and the religion of their American ancestors) with a full national self-consciousness. For African American patriots, concerned with the theological justification of their national identity, Christianity seemed to be the undermining will to fight religion of white, Jewish religion, in which all other nations, especially black, are doomed to play the second role. So it was obvious that eventually Christianity would make way to some sort of religious and ideological substitution. African tribal religions and customs couldn’t be...
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