Narrative Tenses

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Fill in all the gaps with the words from the word bank below.

didn't realise      discovered      had been playing      had broken      heard      hurt      jumped      killed      looked      phoned      ran      saw      tried      was happening      was playing      watching      went      were driving      were escaping   

Exercise 1. While I ________(play) football I __________(hurt) my leg. However, until I _________(see) a doctor I ___________( not realise) that I ____________(break) it. 

Exercise 2. The police __________(go) to the bank after a neighbour ___________(phone) to tell them what __________(happen). They soon __________(discover) that the robbers ___________(escape) in a stolen car. The men ____________(kill) one of the guards who ___________(try) to stop them as they ____________(drive) away. The guard ____________(jump) out in front of them but they just ___________(run) over him. 

Exercise 3. Suddenly they _________(hear) a strange noise and ___________(look) at each other in terror. All evening they _________(play) cards and ____________(watch) television without thinking of the ghost.

Fill in the following gaps with the appropriate tenses of the verbs in brackets.

Last Friday I arranged (arrange) to meet my boyfriend at a restaurant. I (1) __________(arrive) first and because it (2) ____________(pour) with rain, I went inside. After an hour my boyfriend (3) ______________(arrive)! His clothes (4) ____________ (be) soaking wet and he was covered in mud. Apparently he (5) ________________(wait) at a bus stop when a car (6) ______________(drive) straight through a puddle and (7) ________________(splash) him from head to toe. The driver (8) _________________(refuse) to let him on the bus and he(9) _________________(walk) ever since. He couldn't stay at the restaurant soaking wet so we (10) __________________(have) a take away at home instead.

My day at the school _____________(be) really fun. When I...
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