Narrative Essay- the Crucible Abigail Williams

Topics: English-language films, The Crucible, Salem witch trials Pages: 3 (935 words) Published: November 25, 2012
Before the accusations: Dear Diary,
I hate Elizabeth by heart. I am calling for revenge, oh God please hear me. And if God is not willing to fulfill my desire I will have to use other aid. I cannot stand the hurt in my bleeding heart anymore. John, oh John, it would be easier if you left your wife and flower out the purity of our love with me. We could leave; go to a place where we will be satisfied for the rest of our lives. But you broke my heart. I tried to couple with you. I still remember my accelerated heartbeat when our bodies came closer; you should have kissed me. But you did not. Instead, you do not want to know anything about me. I truly thought that you would fall in my arms. And I did not feel guilty about our forbidden love for one breath of my life. I would do it again, just for you John, for our love. I never felt such true love in my life. I never had a mother who would love me no matter what happens. You were the only light in my life. And this light disappeared when you decided to turn your back on me. You cannot resist me, I know that. You still love me, you have to love me, and I am the only one for you. So I will do whatever it takes to reunite with you again.

I do not care about Elizabeth or her devilishly children, they should burn in hell. Oh yes, Elizabeth, you honest, well-behaved holy woman, you will perceive my choler. You will regret dismissing me. I am not the one to blame for the emptiness in your marriage. Besides I am the one of us two who makes him blessed to be a member of this world.

I have a plan. I shall not rest until I receive what I deserve. People may die. But there is a price for every purchase in this world. In my case it is the craving for revenge. Revenge, revenge, you are sweet bitter. I need to make sacrifices.

Witchcraft is the problem’s solution. Tituba will help me. She is from the Barbados and she is informed about other spirits. We used to meet in the woods. We dance. Sometimes we get naked. Last...
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