Narrative Essay

Topics: High school, Association football, Game Pages: 4 (1600 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Fadi Hana
English 1180 /S1624
February 8, 2012
What Made Me Today
Growing up back home since I was a little kid I loved playing soccer. You might ask me where back home is. I am from Iraq specifically a small city in the north called Mosul. I kept on playing soccer through elementary and middle school. I had dreams of becoming a professional soccer player and play in the European professional soccer league. When I moved to the states and started high school I figured this would be my chance to pursue my dream, but as you know soccer is not a popular sport in the states. I started high school just like the other kids my age did. I tried out for the school soccer team and made it playing varsity soccer. Playing varsity soccer was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it a lot, but I still felt like there was something missing or I could have done something better. At that time there was nothing that I could have done because I was still new to the country, I didn’t speak the language so I had to learn it and I was too young to do anything on my own. After my first year of high school some relatives that lived in Canada invited us to visit in the summer vacation. My parents welcomed the idea of going to Canada for the summer vacation. My cousins lived in Mississauga, Ontario which is about four hour drive from Sterling Heights, Michigan and half an hour from Toronto. After, the long drive we arrived at noon and everyone was gathered for lunch. After lunch my cousin Sam who’s my age, that I have not seen for a long time came up to me and asked If I still play soccer? I answered “Hell yes, why?” He then told me that he was going for a training session with his high school team and I could come and watch if I wanted to. So I figured that I had nothing better to do and said yes why not. We went to his school “John Cabot Catholic School” and all the players were on the field so he introduced me to them. They started playing and I sat on the bench watching them. Sam felt bad...
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