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Top 5 reasons I am choosing Law Enforcement as my career
* #5 Adrenaline Rush: As a law enforcement officer you’ll probably saves someone’s life every day you come to work. An officer may have to make a life or death discussion in a split second. They could also save someone from potential harm when they issue traffic tickets or responding to domestic violence calls. This would be an extreme rush for me since officers are in a high risk job at all times. I understand the risk and wiliness to put myself out there for others and having only a spilt second to react. This is very similar to my position as quarterback on the football field, which I have enjoyed since I younger, and have handled it well. In this position you are a leader and a role model for community. Which I believe will transition over to me becoming an officer.

* #4 Wages: The average annual income of a cop is around $54,000 not including any overtime pay which is common in that line of work. There are also many opportunities for those qualified to earn higher wages when they specialized in the higher agencies of law enforcement. With this salary range you have some job security and can establish a long career.

* #3 Medical Benefits

* #2 Earlier Retirement:

* #1 Helping Others: I really enjoying helping the people. Either from raising money for a program to even helping an old lady cross the street. I feel that the community being happy with me and supportive of me doing my job, I’ll be able to work to the best of my skills! It also would set a good example for the people, showing them that I take my job seriously and I will protect them the best I can. Also being active in the community it will allow me to hear about problems around town, and understand more personalities. By opening myself up to the community and having a good reputation, I will gather tons of respect towards myself and family.

I see a cop takes a big role in the community. They...
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