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The Napster brand has had a varied history. Its initial incarnation was as the first widely used service for ‘free’ peer-to-peer (P2P) music sharing. The record companies mounted a legal challenge to Napster due to lost revenues on music sales which eventually forced it to close. But the Napster brand was purchased and its second incarnation offers a legal music download service in direct competition with Apple’s iTunes.

Now, internet is very well developed all of the world. Following huge amount of people are conditioned to live with the internet, the internet lives of people are more and more wonderful. As an oversea student, I use internet everyday cause I’m away from my family. This topic is very interesting because it’s very close to me and I will tell my thoughts from my life.

And following separate part, I will talk about the success factor and the work which Napster did.

Marketing Mix Evaluation of Napster

The series of seven key variables- Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process and Physical evidence- that are varied by marketers as part of the customer offering. And in the following paragraph, I will evaluate each of 7P’s of Napster.


* Music Downloads (Legal rights to 500,000 songs)
* CD Burning
* View Music Videos
* Access Billboard Chart Information
* Synchronize music to other devices
* Message Boards
* Detailed Artist and Album information
* Parental Controls
* Powerful Recommendation Engine
* Personal Inboxes for Music and Messages
* Ability to Browse Other Users Music Collections
* Search Engines by Genre, Artist, Track Title, or Popularity * Complimentary products such as digital recording media, CDs and MP3 players * Ability to Send Music to Friends within or outside the service * Access to Professionally Programmed Radio Stations

Napster was initially created between 1998 and 1999 by a 19-year-old called Shawn Fanning while he attended...
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