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  • Published : July 25, 2012
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Names are sometimes significant in reflecting a person’s identity; whether it’s a first name or last name they can indicate a person’s nationality and culture. Names can also state what family someone belongs to. However, names cannot represent your personalities and interests which also make up your identity. A person’s first name or last name can show their nationality and culture. A name such as ‘Sunil’ can show a person’s background and beliefs. From this people can assume their language, religion and the types of food they might like to eat. Names can hold sentimental value and meaning to certain people within different types of cultures and lifestyles. Names can also give people their reputation. When people hear someone’s name they will recognize what they already know about that person or what they have heard Names can also state what family someone belongs to. Whether people read or hear somebody’s last name they can automatically tell what family you belong to. By having a last name such as ‘Nguyen’ people can already tell that they are coming from an Asian family. Sometimes even having a really long last name with “oulos” at the end causes people to automatically think they are Greek. A name can also show ownership. When you purchase something or sign up for something it automatically becomes yours and proof of this would be your name. Despite this, a person’s identity cannot show one’s personality, interests or their character. Names cannot show what a person is like, and how they act and feel towards different situations. It doesn’t show someone’s likes or dislikes, their personal interests, hobbies, favorite type of music, food, TV shows or movies. Also, having a name such as ‘Ashley’ does not even state whether the person is a male or female. In conclusion, names can indicate a person’s cultural identity and also state which family they belong to. Names can hold sentimental value to people. It shows their reputation, authority and ownership....
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