Myth: the Aurora Borealis

Topics: Greek mythology, Hades, Twelve Olympians Pages: 3 (965 words) Published: November 17, 2012
Rough Draft
Mikaylah Jordan
English 1
Mr. Schonhar
15 November 2012
Myth: The Aurora Borealis Long ago, there was a time were the Gods were the only ones that could save Humanity. Peace at Mount Olympus, or anywhere else was no more. Hades came like a lion from the underworld, and brought his Furies to torture the people of the Earth. Furies were Monsters of Hades and Persephone. The wise Athena warned Zeus about this. He was already hyperaware, so he didn’t listen to her. He didn’t want to help the people. Zeus decided to leave Olympus, because he couldn’t stand the yelling of the people. When the wicked Hades found out that he was gone he sent his furies to go to Mount Olympus. The other Gods and Goddesses were week against all the furies in the palace. They tried to defend as much of the palace as they could. The furies ended up taking something very important from the Gods that day. It was light! The light from the sun that made it shine. The moon was all the light you could see. Loyal Hermes was sent to give the message to Zeus for him to come back. The Olympians needed a hero; the town’s people needed a hero. They needed a new hero that could retrieve the light from Hades, and save the earth from eternal darkness. Thoughtful Hera sent Hermes to find someone worthy enough for this mission. He contacted his long lost cousin Casus. Casus was a God that everyone over-looked. Once Casus and Hermes arrived, Zeus’ exact words to Casus were, “Now you may not know us, and I know you have no idea why you are here, but obviously the light is gone. It was stolen from us by Hades and his Furies. I need you to travel down to the underworld and steal it back from him. Will you be able to complete this task?” Casus hadn’t done anything like it before, but he answered, “Yes, I’ll try my best to complete it.” Zeus then pulls out a sword, a flute, and a small box. “Here, these are...
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