Myth or Folks?

Topics: Acceleration, Kinematics, Velocity Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: September 15, 2012
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#1 An object moving with a constant acceleration can certainly slowdown, But can an object ever come to a permanent halt if its acceleration truly remains constant? Explain.

-An object can never come to a complete stop if its acceleration remains constant because even if the velocity reaches zero, it will just continue, probably in the opposite direction

#2 An airliner reaches its take off speed of 334 m/s from rest in 35.2 s. What is the magnitude of its average acceleration?

-D=vt D=334m/s(35.2s) D=11756.8m

#3 a) Convert: a) 3 cm into the appropriate amount of meters. b) Convert 27 mph into the appropriate amount of m/s. (100 cm = 1m; 1609 m = 1mile; 1 hr = 60 min; 1 min = 60 sec)

-a)3cm/1m x/100cm x=.03
b)27mph/1x1609.34m/1mix1hr/60minx1min/60s= 43452.3m/s

#4 After winning a baseball game one player throws a glove straight down, while another tosses a glove straight up into the air. Will the glove thrown down experience a larger acceleration? Why or why not.

-Yes the glove that is thrown down experience a larger acceleration because there is a force pushing it down, and gravity takes side with it also since it is already heading south.

#5 You are driving through town at 12 m/s when suddenly a ball rolls out in front of you. You apply the brakes and begin decelerating at 1.7 m/s2. How far do you travel before stopping?

-a=-1.7m/s vf^2= 14^2+2(-1.7)x 0=144-3.4x -144=-3.4x x=42.35m

vf= 0
vi= 12m/s
x= ?

#6 A train starts from rest and accelerates at 10 m/s2 for 1.5 minutes. The train then travels at a constant velocity for 3 minutes. What total distance is covered by the train in the 4.5 minutes?

-4.5min/1 x 60s/1min= 270s
10m/s^2 x 270s= 2700m

#7 Two buses leave downtown, one is headed to the northeast at 30 miles/hour and the other is headed west at 30 miles/hour. Do they have the same velocity? Why or why not?

-No they do not have the...
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