Mystic Monk Case Study 1

Topics: Monk, Monastery, Monasticism Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: March 27, 2013
James Farris
Case Study #1

Mystic Monk Case

1. Father Daniel Mary is a man that is very dedicated to his church and seems to have a distinct passion for expanding the Carmelite Monks. Father Mary seeks expansion by the purchasing of the 8.9 million dollar Irma Lake ranch out in the mountains of Wyoming, and by doing this, he hopes to create a place of pure worship, peace, and adoration. After the purchase of this ranch he hopes to expand the current number of monks of 13, to 30. The increase in space will allow more room for interaction and collaboration among the monks. Father Mary see’s the acquisition of the ranch as the future of the monastery and the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming. He knows that his vision of purchasing the ranch would require careful planning and execution. A way he seeks in raising money for this vast purchase is an increase in the revenues from Mystic Monk Coffee.

2. Father Mary assumed that the secluded monastic environment offered unique challenges to functioning a business enterprise, but it also provided chances that were not obtainable to secular businesses. He committed to develop an execution strategy that would allow Mystic Monk Coffee to minimize the outcome of its cloistered monastic constraints, maximize the potential of monastic opportunities, and understand his vision of buying the Irma Lake Ranch. It seems Father Mary has a definite set of objectives and performance targets to achieve his goal.

3. Mystic Monk Coffee is going to have to make some financial changes if they are wanting to achieve their goal. This can come anyway from making spending cuts, to changing slogans and the way they market their product. An appeal to Catholics to, ‘use their Catholic coffee dollar for Christ and his Catholic church”, was published on the Mystic Monk Coffee website. This is a definite marketing ploy to try and increase sales. Mystic Monk has an advantage over other coffee brands because many customers see their...
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