Myself Through My Parents Eyes

Topics: English-language films, Mind, Thing Pages: 1 (436 words) Published: August 5, 2012
My parents saw me in many different ways, I think it’s because sometimes I was the jock, sometimes the queen of gossip listening to the latest news in all forms, sometimes I was the cool and creative artist or the construction builder with my pants only covering half of my bottom. This made me very fickle about choices in life, let alone in knowing what life was, where I’d fit and what I’d do. I found it impossible to figure out how someone could have a clear view on me and who I was when I didn’t know myself. There was always a woman, the same woman that followed me, coincidentally doing exactly as I was, every time becoming more familiar with each other than before. She was the only person I actually knew, and she bragged about me to everyone like a mother does about their child, so I decided she was my mother. Our most recent adventure was flying in the claws of an eagle into outer space. Adventures, the only thing I was almost certain made my heart happy. We would go on many adventures every day, all extraordinary, they got better and better each time. I still remember eating sand and turning into flowers, jumping into movie screens, bouncing around the City on springs, hunting giants, and the riding a T-Rex. Every time I saw her there was always a rush of adrenaline pumping me up, getting me excited, as if I was at the front of the line to get on a rollercoaster. Uncontrollable shaking, I couldn’t expand my imagination far enough to think of what she had in mind for us to do. It always got better and better, making the excitement increase, almost felt as if it was too good to be true. Months and months went by with the same routine of happenings daily. I was enjoying it so much, until things changed slightly. She started spending less time with me, neglecting me and uninterested in our time together. I was hoping things would return to normal, but it didn’t. It became worse and worse.

Finally I found out who I was...what I was and who she was....
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