Myall Creek and Stolen Generation Analysis

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  • Published : February 26, 2011
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Stolen Generation - 1869
In 1869 the Victorian Boar for Protection of Aborigines was established. This meant indigenous and ‘half-caste’ children can be removed from their homes and families and sent to a reformatory or industrial school. The children were stolen from their families so they could be brought up t ‘white’ and told that being Aboriginal was wrong. The children were also expected to become labourers and servants and girls in particular to become domestic servants. The children’s legal guardian was the Chief Protector for every aboriginal and half-caste person under 18. From 1909-1969 the removal of Aboriginal children was a government policy. At this particular time the indigenous were seen as the inferior race. They were encouraged to become assimilated into the broader society, with the ‘white people’ hoping that eventually there would be no indigenous people left. Many people did not understand or respect the indigenous people, this meant they supported the removals of the children and thought they were doing the right thing. People believed that Aboriginal people lived poor and unrewarding lives and that the children would live in a more positive environment and be able to better themselves if they lived the ‘white way’ of life. The racist views also meant the British thought that indigenous women didn’t look after their children. These thoughts were obviously wrong due to the fact it doesn’t matter what colour you are everyone can be a good parent to their children. It is unknown how many children were taken as records were lost or destroyed but the figures look to be in the 10 thousands. Many parents have never seen their children again and won’t due to lost information and siblings that were taken were purposely separated. Many people don’t know when they were born or where. This group of children came to be known at the stolen generation. The country and our government have since learnt from our mistakes and hope to never repeat this...
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