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Topics: Filipino television personalities, Piolo Pascual, Filipino television actors Pages: 4 (902 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Amanda Bartolome (Vilma Santos) is a woman trying to track down and understand the true meaning of being a woman in the middle of the complex situation of the country in the 70s under martial law. He was acting as a mother (five children purely male) and wife according to the dictates of society and of his wife, Julian (Christopher de Leon). Although traditional, existing families Bartolome freedom of expression so their children grow conscious awareness of what happens in society. Therefore joined their leftist movement was born Jules (Piolo Pascual), also became a poet and writer with Emman (Marvin Agustin), and inclined to rock n roll music with Jason (Danilo Barrios). So with (Carlos Agassi) also being freely entered the U.S. Navy although it contrary to the belief of the brothers. Bartolome family remained stable despite the many trying times. It also tested the stability of marriage by Amanda and Julian, where Amanda has wanted to track the self as a woman, far from the dictates of society and the wife. Summary

Dekada '70 is the story of a family caught in the middle of the tumultuous decade of the 1970's. It details how a middle class family struggled with and faced the changes that empowered Filipinos to rise against the Marcos government. This series of events happened after the bombing of Plaza Miranda, the suspension of the Writ of Habeas Corpus, the proclamation of Martial Law and the random arrests of political prisoners. The oppressiveness of the Marcos regime made people become more radical. This shaping of the decade are all witnessed by the female character, Amanda Bartolome, a mother of five boys. While Amanda's sons grow, form individual beliefs and lead different lives, Amanda reaffirms her identity to state her stand as a Filipino citizen, mother and woman. Dekada '70 introduces the new generation of Filipino readers, to the story of a family of a particular time in Philippine history. Its appeal lies in the evolution of its characters that...
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