My Three Key Stages of Life

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  • Published : January 13, 2013
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Everyone has their own key stages of life. They are the most important parts of your life. Mine, is of course when I was born, kindergarten and when I was in Primary 6. Why are they the most important for me? Well, it is all written here, in this essay. Like most of the babies in the world, I was born a healthy baby. Soon enough, I learnt how to crawl, walk, eat, run, and many other things. By the time I finished learning all those, I was already a toddler. It was one of the most important parts of my life. When I was born, I was the heaviest among my siblings and me. As I looked through all my baby photos, I realized I have changed a lot. Though I don’t recall much stuff, the only memories I had as a toddler were two nightmares.

Time flies really fast. In the blink of an eye, I was in kindergarten. I studied in “Bukit Panjang Methodist Church Kindergarten”. I was excited on the first day of school. All those years, I really enjoyed going to school. It was when classes were much more fun with games and interaction between the teachers and students. I remembered during P.E. lessons the students will play in a playground, while a few were chosen to play with a big tub of water. And when the teacher starts to pick people to play with the water, the class usually will get chaotic. The best memory I had was when I celebrated my birthday in school. It was the best birthday present ever.

A few years later, I entered primary school. It’s just an ordinary neighborhood primary school, “Bukit Timah Primary School”. Then it happened. Primary School Leaving Examination dates. Those dates were the dates where I had mixed emotions. They were the dates where I worked my entire primary school life for. It was the most crucial moments. My life depends on it. Whether I will get into a good or a bad school, all depends on those dates. Once you step into that examination hall, there’s no turning back. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. Though the papers were hard, I managed to...
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