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Topics: Mobile phone, Internet, Text messaging Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: December 26, 2012
Cell phones offer us mobility in communication, entertainment, information, and so much more. These days having a cell phone is like carrying a mini computer around. However, cell phones have been associated with the growing number of stress enhancers in our lives. The increased functionality of our mobile phones brings with it a myriad of new activities, begging our attention. Surfing the internet on your mobile, browsing the latest news, views, and reviews can be considered as much a con of cell phones as it is a pro. Below are some pros of cell phones:

1. A cell phone is a mobile communication device in the way of: telephone calls, SMS, e-mail, and instant messaging services 2. Short message services are cost and time effective
3. Mobile internet access
4. Camera and video capabilities, with ever improving resolutions 5. Storage device for data, including music, photos, video clips, etc. 6. Certain models are even useful for office presentations, although capabilities are limited. Feature-wise, cell phones offer an astounding combination of gadgets, bundled into one. Some cell phones have fm radio; while almost all have calculator, calendar, organizer, and reminder facilities. Newest cell phones offer recording from radio, as well as touch screens, with new and improved functions emerging daily. On the flip side: the cons of cell phones:

1. Limited battery life
2. Memory capacity limited, though capabilities are constantly growing. 3. According to research, short message services and instant messaging can have a detrimental effect on language use in frequent users. 4. Adult content and gambling can be accessed by anyone in possession of a cell phone, and knowledge of how to access these services. 5. "Addiction" to cell phone use has been identified as a contributor to stress, and anti social behavior. In addition, cell phones have been investigated to have adverse health effects, backed by testimonies from users who have suffered these effects. Cell phone...
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