My Special Place

Topics: Olfaction, Sense, Perception Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: April 15, 2008
As dew glistens across a field of grass and wild flowers, the sun rises, and a new day dawns. Butterflies dance across the field as they collect pollen off of the wildflowers and the sounds of birds singing their morning tune resounding across scenery. The gentle morning breeze brings the intense color of the flowers to life. Their natural soft and sweet fragrance along with the trees swaying is hypotonic in their rhythm. The gentle babbling of a slow flowing creek, Crackling and bubbling as it flows down stream with its crystal clear water, shows no signs of ever being touched by man. My special place overwhelms me with feelings by the flooding of senses. It is here in the calm of the day, the senses come alive and every sense is heightened. Even the hairs on the back of ones neck alert to something out of the ordinary. One can hear the rustling of the animals in the grass. Can feel the morning dew; smell the wild flowers and it is obvious that this is what life should be all about. A person just wants to be alone and enjoy nature. The morning colors as the sun rises over the tree line are so vivid, it amazing that nature alone created these amazing colors. The feel of the wind as it caress’s the face; its pure and cleansing touch seems to wash the cares of the world away. The songs of the birds and calls of the animals sooths the soul and adds harmony to the tranquility of the moment. Its beauty, its reverence and the harmony that is all around and I am a part of it also. People tend to not bother with our reflective time and fall into a routine of discontent, of just making it through the day, and of ignoring their surroundings, thinking it is not our problem. But, it is our problem; it is our problem to ensure that future society can find a place of personal solitude. A place where they can go and unwind, relax and revitalize themselves, without substances that dull the senses and “sugar coat” the problems until the substance wears...
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