My Son the Fanatic

Topics: Family, Belief, Qur'an Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: September 9, 2012
The story: ”My Son the Fanatic”, takes place in Parvez’s house. This is the place that the story mainly takes place in, and it is also here that the conflicts erupt. The text also takes place at Parvez’s workplace; this is the place that Parvez uses to figure out what problems his son might have. The last place that the story takes place in is the restaurant that Parvez and his son, Ali, visits. The restaurant is where you could say that Parvez realizes how religious his son has become, and that he might not be able to change his opinions. As for the place of action, you could say that Ali’s room has somehow become his mind. The room becomes more and more clean, and so does he. He follows the words of the Koran, and how it is a sin to drink alcohol, and that having a beard is absolutely necessary. The room symbolizes Ali’s mind; clean and innocent.

The atmosphere is in the beginning a bit shattered, we don’t really have a clue of why the father is lurking in his son’s room. However as the story goes on, we find out that the son is throwing his things out. And at this moment, we can see that the atmosphere between the son and the father becomes tense. Parvez states that he had become afraid of his son ( p. 193, l. 15-16 ), this shows that the relationship between father and son has become tenser than it have probably been before. The son is very closed when talking about feelings, the boy does not show any sign of emotion. It is like the religion “controls” him and his mind, even when his father hits him he does not retaliate at all. He just looks coldly at him, while his father punches him. This could be because the son is afraid of showing his feelings, but as he once had a girlfriend, that is much unlikely. The father develops from being a caring parent to a violent parent. The father’s development begins when the son tries to tell him how he should live his life. But the real transition between the first view of the father that we saw, and then the last...
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