My Soccer Story

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Soccer is the most exciting game I've ever played in my life. Strategy, skills, tricks, position , fun, and excitement when combined with each other make this a beautiful game. At the age of ten, for the first time I touched the ball with my feet and it was like the best feeling I ever had towards any sport and after then we used to play this game every day on streets .Wait a minute on STREETS ? Yes, a solid rock ground with no cushioning of grass and the stones plays the role for the pole. Rules were pretty simple the fattest one would be a goalkeeper, a goal would be awarded if the ball crosses between the stones, no corner or outside, no referee and if there is a referee and he gives red card there would be a huge chance he'll end up getting beat up. There were only two ways by which match can be stopped, the first one is when all the players got tired and the second one, if a ball's owner is offended, he takes the ball home and the match is over. I grew up playing soccer and watching soccer, basically soccer was my addiction. It all started in June when High school summer conditioning began. It was challenging because all the players wanted to prove something. As the weeks of summer went by, the conditioning got harder. In the final week, I suffered a terrible accident. I was defending the ball and then out the corner of my eye I saw a big muscular boy flying in the air, pushed me so hard and I fall like a crashing plane, "ROLLING and ROLLING and ROLLING" and finally BOOOM. Blank.... I was unable to hear anything or speak anything ,all I can see is random lights flashing one after another. I felt like my right leg was being squeezed like lemon. After I regained my consciousness I decided to quit the game because sometimes things can get real ugly. I think no athlete wants to end his career on an injury but I did. I would rather sit in the class than to play soccer. Months...
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