My sisters keeper

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  • Published : March 25, 2014
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Should terminally ill patients be offered the "right to die"? This is one of the questions invovled in My Sister’s Keeper. Anna, who's sister Kate is about to die, files a law suit against her mom because she forced her to make medical decisions that were not her own. Anna is supportive with her sister’s condition and has given all she can to help Kate’s recovery from leukemia. (Yet the discovery of the purpose of her filing this lawsuit is because her sister Kate wants to die.) Anna claims that her parents push for her to donate her kidney unwillingly is wrong and she also claims that she is being denied the right to make decisions as regards her own body. While Anna believes that such an action would be very wrong, her parents emphasize that it is the right decision if saving Kate’s life is the ultimate goal. This book covers the life of a family going through an extremely difficult period. Most people believe giving ill patients the "right to die" is essentally agreeing to legalize suicide, the "right to die" should be an indiviuals choice for three key reasons. First, what is lving? Is it living in a bed off of machines and laying there doing nothing? Or is living beibg invovled in society, doing the things you love, and doing the things? Once a patient illness devlops so bad to where the patients is basically just sitting there and has no chance of getting better, the patient should then be offered the "right to die". Dont get me wrong, if the patient is making progress for the better and will one day be healthy agian, they should not be offered the right to die. If that person is not able to choose, someone in the family should have the right to make that decision for them. If I were on my death bed with some uncurable disease and I was able to make the decision I would want my life to end. I would not want to live on a machine the rest of my life. I would not want someone or something else running my life. Every individual should be offered the...
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