My Short Story for English You Can Copy I Dont Have It Copy Righted

Topics: High school, College, Cut Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Yalene attended Alief Early College High School in hopes that the rigorous abundance of homework would take her mind off the constant reminder to not be like her sister. Her sister Jessica had gotten pregnant at 14 years old had the child aborted, and dropped out of high school because she claimed she couldn’t handle the lost of her child nor the presence of her baby’s father.Yalene felt her decision satisfied her needs. As the school year progressed she began to turn assignments in late, sometimes not at all. Her grades started to fall dramatically. Her mom noticed and began to pester her about the 30,000 dollar scholarship she held by getting accepted to the school. She brought her grades up just to get her off her back, but it didn’t take long for them to fall again. Because of this very reason she lost her spot at Alief Early College High School. Back to her home campus she went. As soon as she got there she could hear comments about how she was such a ….. For lack of a better word a jezebel. This went on for about a week. Finally she shouted, “I am not Jessica. She is my twin. My name is Yalene!” She began to cry. There passed about a minute or two before the counselor came to speak to her. As the counselor spoke to Yalene she noticed that she had cuts upon her arms. The counselor started to bring the situation up gradually. “What happened to your arm?” Yalene was skeptical about answering. “I’ve been …I’ve been cutting myself “she began to cry again. Since she didn’t want her mother to know she made a promise with the counselor that if she started to cut herself again then she’d let her know so that they can talk about it themselves. Also she’d have to bring her GPA up as well. She did as she promised. Now it was the last week of school. Their principle came into her study hall and everyone received an application into Alief Early College High School for the following year. She applied and was accepted again. She looked at this achievement as a second...
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