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Title: One Care and One Education Routine in an ECCE Setting

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Consultation with supervisor
Principles of good practice guidelines
Reflection on my personal learning


For this assignment I plan to implement one care and one education routine in an ECCE setting. I will evaluate and reference relevant legislation, policies and procedures. I will give a description of the routines that should demonstrate an understanding and value for equality and diversity.

Planning of the Care Routine

Consultation with a supervisor

I asked my supervisor in the crèche if it was okay for me to help during feeding time and she gave me permission to do so.

The care routine I have chosen to do my assignment on is assisting a child to eat. I am going to prepare and feed an 18 month old baby boy. I got out the baby’s bib and high chair and disinfected them to prevent infection. I placed the baby’s food in the fridge that morning and when it is time to feed him I am going to heat it up in the microwave. I have the baby’s bowl and small spoon prepared as his mouth is so small at this age that he needs small eating utensils. I prepared for after the baby had finished eating, I had appropriate hand wipes and sterilising facilities to clean the bowl and spoon as stated in the Child Care (Pre-school Services) (No.2) Regulations 2006. These regulations also state that Pre-school services are subject to the provisions of food safety, food hygiene and health regulations.

Implementation of the Care Routine

Step One

I cleaned down the high chair and placed a bib on the baby. Baby’s need bibs so as not to get food on their clothes which would be unhygienic. I then placed the baby into the high chair and motivated him letting him know his dinner was coming by showing him the container of the shepherd’s pie and telling him it was yummy. The baby already knew it was yummy as shepherd’s pie is his favourite.

Step Two

I removed the glass bottle of baby food from the fridge, it was shepherd’s pie the baby’s favourite according to his mother. The Child Care (Pre-school Services) (No.2) Regulations states, food must be stored under suitable refrigerated conditions, which is how I stored it. I am aware of how important the different acts and regulations that are there to protect children.

Step Three

I placed the food into the baby bowl and then placed the bowl in the microwave. I only heated it for 2 minutes as I did not want it to burn the baby’s mouth. Once the food was heated I brought it over to the baby. He had the biggest smile on his face when he saw what his dinner was. This is an aspect of Siolta as one of the main principles of Siolta is the child’s individuality. Having a favourite food is a part of being individual.

Step Four

I began feeding him, I pretended the spoon was an airplane to bring in the element of play into feeding. Another of Sioltas principles states that play is central to the wellbeing, development, and learning of the young child. I am also incorporating Aistears theme of communication as the baby and I are communicating throughout the feeding process.

Step Five

When the baby has finished eating, I took his bib off him and sat him down on his play mat while I burped him.

Step Six

After burping him i cleaned up. I placed the bowl and spoon into a steriliser and I wiped down the high chair with hot water and disinfectant. After everything was cleaned and put away I played with him until his mother came to collect him.

Evaluation of the Care Routine

In my opinion I think this care routine went very well. The baby and I got time to bond...
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