My Quality Experience

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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My Quality Experience

The quality experience for me, as of now, is the time when we had a tour in Bohol. It was the best for me because I really had a great time, specially because it was my second time riding an airplane and the first one was like 6 years ago, and riding an airplane back then doesn't really have an impact with me before. So anyway, every experience I had was really great starting with the service in the hotel, the facilities, the amenities and, of course, the city tour. The hotel staff were very approachable and kind. They really made me feel welcome.

The facilities were great as well; all their conference rooms, pavilions, pools and beaches. What I really enjoyed were their conference room where we had our lunch and seminar, because it has a WiFi, and their pavilion in which we had our dinner on the first night and the Mr. And Ms. Bohol. Also, every breakfast that we had because there were a lot of varieties of food that we could choose from and each of it were really good! Another thing I enjoyed or had fun with is their infinity pool, specially their dream islet because the view there is really wonderful specially when you catch the sunset. I also love the way the beach water was so clear that you can see the seperation between their colors which were blue and grey.

For the city tour, I have enjoyed every place that we have visited because we were very lucky having a good weather. I had a really great time at the Chocolate Hills although the hill were not chocolate-colored anymore because ate Yuna, our facilitator, said that it is because it's rainy season already that's why grasses were already growing. The Butterfly Sanctuary was a bit boring but when we got to have our pictures taken with wings on, it was really fun. The Tarsier Sanctuary was really exciting for me because, of course, it was my first time seeing it. And although most of them were...
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