My Philosophy of Teaching

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  • Published : January 24, 2012
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My Philosophy of Teaching

Every child or adolescent is capable of learning if they receive the proper motivation and instruction.

“A teacher's personal philosophy of education is a critical element in his or her approach to guiding children along the path of enlightenment.”- Barbra Wilt. My philosophy of education gives me the attitude needed to support students during their journey as a life long learner. I strongly believe that education is about contributing to children’s ability to think independently, create their own ideas, and become successful individuals. A teacher must be one who appreciates and respects the value of an education and the positive impact it has on all children. I highly feel that once the devotion for education and love for children are there, then the driving force to be an effective teacher will become stronger and stronger. For me, my love for teaching alone is the driving force in my decision to dedicate my career to being an effective educator. When I think about what education means and what an education looks like; I do not picture straight rows and columns full of eager students ready to learn. I visualize a more realistic picture; one which has small circles for group work, center stations ready for differentiated instruction to take place, and students waiting for the proper motivation to spark their eager minds. I strongly feel that a classroom should be highly interactive yet manageable, full of discussion and cooperative learning. I believe that assessment drives instruction and education in today’s diverse world. A variety of assessment allows one to provide effective instruction and evaluate achievement and learning. I think that assessment is a tool which provides valuable information for educators. With this tool an educator can better meet the needs diverse learners. My idea of a perfect teacher is one who inspires learning in addition to just relating required facts. An ideal teacher applies...
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