My Oedipus Complex in the Perspective of Psychoanalysis: a Study of Sigmund Freud’s Theory

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Muhammad Sidik
Sastra B
My Oedipus Complex in The Perspective Of Psychoanalysis:
A Study of Sigmund Freud’s Theory

A literary work is just like a dream in which we need to interpret. It is the representation of one’s reality experience. It is full of fiction, figurative, and mystery, but sometimes filled by the hidden meaning. In order to reveal the meaning that found in it, we should interpret and analyze before it could be understood. And one of the means to analyze it is by using the psychoanalysis perspective. Psychoanalysis is the mean to analyze the psyche condition of characters as well as author of the story itself. It is firstly proposed by an Austrian physician, Sigmund Freud that writes in his essay, “Creative Writers and Daydreaming”: Creative writers also does the same as the children at play; he creates a world of fantasy which he takes very seriously—that is, which he invest with large amounts of emotions—while separating it sharply from reality. Thus, literary work is an imaginative work which comes from the writer’s imagination (emotions and desires) and it therefore drawn indirectly from the unconscious level of the writer’s mentality (the Id) to be performed in/as the individual conscious level (the Ego) as well as the collective conscious level (the Super Ego) of the characters. Agree by Freud statement, Rene and Wellek also defined psychoanalysis as the mean of the psychological study of writer, as type and as individual, or the study of creative process, the study of psychological types and laws present within works of creature, or finally, the effects of literature upon its reader. (Wellek, Rene and Austin Warren, 1949:81) From those kind relationships of literature and psychology, I’ll take a study in the first relationship. It is because the literary work will never be freed from the psychology of the writers. As the writers are like the daydreamer who creates the dream as the result of their activity, so do the writers. The writers create the literary work as the result of their thought whether it is real or not. And in creating this work, the writer will never be apart from their background of life, whether it is the experience of their personal, social, or spiritual life. In the using psychoanalysis perspective as the means to analyze and interpret the literary works, besides we have to know more the background of life of the writer, we also have to study further inside it that is about the structure of its work. From any kind genre of literary works, I’ll take a study on short story. Short story is one of any kind of literary work genre which has the clear plot which always describes a certain case to us. In the short story, we could analyze the intention and emotion that the writers want to reveal through the sentences that their used. In this case, I’m really interested in one of short story that created by Frank O’Connor entitled “My Oedipus Complex” that I think it is really fit with the Sigmund Freud theory. O’Connor told this story through Larry, the child, who became the first person narrator. We can see from the beginning till the end, how the “I” controlled this whole story. as from the quotation below: “One morning, I got into the big bed, and there, sure enough, was Father in his usual Santa Claus manner, but later, instead of uniform, he put on his best blue suit, and Mother was as pleased as anything. I saw nothing to be pleased about, because, out of uniform, Father was altogether less interesting, but she only beamed, and explained that our prayers had been answered, and off we went to Mass to thank God for having brought Father safely home. “ It is as if he only wanted to show his feeling about his mother and father with limiting explanations about the other character’s thinking or feeling. Larry seems always make any judgments and opinions through his authority as the first person narrator. Even so by using the first person, Connor wants to bring the...
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