My Name Is Khan

Topics: Racism, Terrorism, United States Pages: 3 (836 words) Published: October 18, 2012
The first: B.C. [before Christ] and A.D. [after death] are designations used to label years in the Julian and Gregorian calendars. There's a third designation now - 9/11. Post September 11, the world stands divided. Terrorist outfits continue to strike in the name of religion and the common man, not even remotely associated with these groups, is bearing the brunt. The world is not a safe place anymore. * The second statement: There're two sets of people in this world - the good and the bad. No matter how strong the evil forces are, good always triumphs. My Name Is Khan mirrors the era we live in. Not a day goes by when you haven't heard/read/watched news of terror attacks and innocents being killed. We live in turbulent times. Also, the movie states - and states very strongly, without mincing words , not all Muslims are terrorists. – The being of the movie starts with a social injustice

The death the Sameer forms the crux in the movie when he is murdered on the school soccer field by a group of older white kids due to racial discrimination. When police officer tells Mandiraa that her son was a victim of racial discriination she blames Rizvan for her sons death by stating “if her son was not muslim he could have been alive.” Also Mandira inssteadd of blaming the terrorists group she blames her husband for being a Muslim with the last name “Khan”. In scenairo, a Muslim religion is seen as a bad religion with people belonging to the religion faces the fate of all forms of racial discrimination and everyone being in the religion are “terrorists”. There is an ample amount of racism in our country today. In the news, at school in our jobs and even neighborhoods. You see it everywhere you go. We all hear people using racist words, even if they aren't trying to be racist, it still is. You also see a lot of stereotyping. Our society suffers because of racism in many ways. First we limit our knowledge of other cultures. Instead of being...
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