My Meaningful Lesson

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Do you still remember when you were a child, who took care of you? Do you remember were your parents took care of you or your grandparents? I took care by my grandparents when I was young. In my heart, they are the greatest grandparents that I ever seen. But there was something happen to my grandfather and his death is one of my meaningful lesson.

The first thing I had learned is to cherish a person. I used to be rule to my grandfather. But when he was gone, I finally realized that I miss him. I missed the day that I spent my time with him, I missed the food that he cook for me, and I missed the toys that he bought for me. If he didn’t gone, I would never really learned how to cherish a person.

The second thing that I had leaned is to cherish time. My grandfather always told me “Time equal to gold, don’t ever let them go.” But I never take it seriously. I always thought that I’ve a lot of time but in fact I am not. When the time he was lying on the bed, he told me that he did have a chance to take care of my little brother, and he wanted to do something about it. Sadly, he would never have a chance. After his death, I’ve known that life is short, and we have to take care of our time.

The last thing he left to me is living with positive attitude. Although he had cancer, he lived very happy. When everybody was sad about his body check, he can still made some jokes.He told me that life must have many obstacles but the point is we have to live with them, so we should live happily.

When we were young, we learned to cherish the thing that we had. But we never actually learned until we lost it. This is our life, the life of human being. We fell, we learned, we use. For me, my grandfather dead is one of my meaningful lesson to learn how to cherish a person, and time, and living with positive attitude.
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