My Literacy Narrative

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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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Viola France
Composition 1
Brown Mackie College
Darla Goodroad, Instructor
Paper 1
January 10,2013

I've loved to read and write ever since I was taught my ABC's for the first time. It's been a huge part of my life in a lot of different aspects. I learned how to read when I was three years old because I went to a daycare where I was the youngest kid and the only one who couldn't read. Reading and writing just stuck with me after that. After I started reading better than my older daycare-mates, school was ready for me to conquer. The school put me with older kids right away and I was in English class with 3rd graders when I was in kindergarten. It helped me out with making friends and I always got along with older kids better than my own classmates. Elementary school is my favorite time of my life so far, because of all of the little things I learned from school and the kids that were around me and I don't think it would have been even close to how fun it was if it weren't for me being able to read so young. My love for reading stayed with me through junior high and high school too. I started reading more historical and biographical books than adventure and story books as I got older. My favorite books went from the “Harry Potter” series to Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln biographies. Starting in high school too, I got more into writing than before. I would try writing stories when I was in 4th or 5th grade, but I could never write more than two pages without me changing the whole story because I didn't think it was cool anymore. So, I never really thought much about writing until I enrolled in our school's journalism and media literacy courses. This class was in charge of our school's newspaper and designed our yearbooks and programs for school events. I ended up being an editor for the paper. My job watched over all of the sports stories and events around our school and was in charge of making sure the Sports portion of the paper was sleek and...
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