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Topics: Internet, IP address, Social network service Pages: 5 (1682 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Nowadays, the Internet technology is closely related to people daily living, which brings many convenience and benefit to people. However, with Internet technology is booming in last decade that also exposes many problems, such as Internet privacy and cyber crime. Therefore, Internet censorship is in order to make safety and healthy online environment, which is widely used by many organizations and groups. In the strict word to explain what Internet censorship is suppression the information to access and publish on the Internet. Usually Internet censorship is through following method to access control information. Firstly, non-technology censorship is quite similar to the traditional media; such as Internet content uses the regulations and laws to prohibit the information publishing. Secondly, technology censorship, which is use technical tools to ban the information, for instance, Internet protocol address blocking and domain name system filtering and redirection. What is more, it has many forms of censorship, which also for many different uses, but it mainly use for following purposes that are government monopolization, and prepublication review and licensing and registration. With more and more people start to use Internet, the censorship of Internet has been discussed many times as a hot topic. Is the censorship is helpful or detriment to society? There is no certain answer, but censorship is a two edged sword, which it brings both of the advantages and disadvantages to society. For us, it is necessary to have a correct point of view to face Internet censorship.

Self-censorship is the most common form of Internet censorship, which usually happens to censor someone or group their own expression before they make a decision for publish or not. Prepublication review is commonly uses in books, articles, films and blogs and so on. A survey has a research of the reasons for doing self-censorship is sexual content, objectionable language, violence, homosexual and racism (Whelan, D 2009). Many people believe that the self-censorship prohibits their freedom of speech rights, because before them publishing the word and there already censor the expression. If the expression does not reach the standard it will be blocked or filtered the expression. However, the self-censorship it also can be help maintain a good relationship with government officials, avoid subsequent persecution and rating system created to advice potential audience. In US, a lot of Americans regard the their media as often misrepresenting important public affairs issues that increases people’s degree of unsatisfactory to public news (Germano, F& Meier, M 2012). What is more, the online environment is lack of authority approval; it could cause people freewill to publish. Self-censorship help improve the creditability and responsibility for what they have publishing (Kingsmith, A 2013). The Internet censorship in some instances can be an integrant part for protect national security, the Arab Spring is a great example to interpret it. Arab Spring is a movement occurs in many Arabian countries in 2010. People were mainly protest for the level of income and violation of rights. However, this movement happened with violence and spread widely in many Arab countries that cause the whole society was destabilizing and unsafely. During the Arab Spring, the social media was widely used for instigator the uprising; such as Facebook and Twitter are powerful tools for the risers use to communicate with each other to organize the protest and widely spread the awareness. After this movement, some countries start to censor on social network and block the social media, for instance Egypt forbids using Facebook. After London has a riot, the British Prime Minister David Cameron point out that if the social media is used as a “tool” for fomenting violence and nuisance crime, that should better censor social media, like Facebook and Twitter. As a national security concern, in...
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