My Life Is a Routine

Topics: 2002 albums, Personal life, Subroutine Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: June 12, 2011
A Routine Life to One Person
May Be a Glamorous One to Another

It started out as a typical boring day. It is amazing that one can be so accustomed to a certain way of life, be so bored and restless, and then suddenly something sneaks in and alters one’s whole perspective. That something was one of my life’s little lessons.

It was a hot and humid Tuesday morning which was typical for North Carolina. I had gotten up, did my toiletries, made breakfast, and prepared to go to work. I had been in this routine for the past three years. As normal, I was running late. I dashed outside, nearly slipping on the ground, and jumped into my 2004 Camry. I turned on my favorite radio station G105, a morning talk show featuring Bob and Madison. It seemed they always had some funny topic going on and that put me in good spirits. After all, I felt my middle name should have been called Routine. Any humor that kept me from remembering my routine life was icing on my otherwise boring cake.

I worked at Papa John’s and Clyde, the manager, always seemed to be in a bad mood. That day started out the same, with Clyde and his bad mood. This didn’t shock me in the least. Due to this, I would simply grab an order, slip out, and start my work. I was doing my routine and zoning out in an effort to make it through the day. Needless to say, I felt my life was so routine and boring that I wished I was anywhere but there. You might say I felt sorry for myself.

When I finally got to my destination and knocked on the door to deliver the pizza, a fat man answered, belching as he opened the door. A small woman sat huddled in the background with a child in her lap. The man shot her a dirty look, grabbed the pizza, paid, and slammed the door.

The life lesson I learned that day, was that my life may be routine and boring but way better than what that poor woman and her child had to put up with. My life probably looked glamorous to her and I bet she would have traded with...
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