My Ideal Home

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My ideal home.

In the 1950s the average home was about 983 square feet and the average cost was around $8,450 Homes were usually built with two or fewer bedrooms and children shared bedrooms if needed. Closets were around two feet by eight feet---just big enough for your clothes. Bathrooms were built out of necessity and most homes managed with just one. It was a luxury to have a garage or a carport and the majority of homes in the 50s did not include any protection for a car. Central air conditioning was another luxury that most did without, and only a small percentage of Americans even owned a window air conditioning unit. Fireplaces were used mostly for heating homes instead of being a showy display, and only about 22 percent of houses being built included them. Most Americans built their houses on small plots of land and did most of the gardening, landscaping, and yard work themselves. Also, housework, cleaning, cooking, and decorating were all usually done by homeowners themselves. This is a far cry from the modern American dream home. By most people’s standards today, this type of home would be considered insufficient and cramped The house that I have designed is located on the elusive island of Dubai. Dubai is a manmade archipelago in the United Arab Emirates. My home is the most noticeable construction on the island. I plan to spend the rest of my life here, so I paid close attention to the details. Everything that surrounds me is simply amazing including all the trees and plants. It feels so good to live in a peaceful place and all you can hear are the birds chirping. As I draw closer to the end of the

Road. My home starts to appear. My house is a five story Victorian that lies on a twenty acre lot. As I come near to the entrance of the house I am then surrounded by four columns that lead to the most elegant doors.  The doors were made of mahogany with glass stained windows in the center of the each door. Each handle was made of brass along with...
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