My Grandfathers Boat

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Grandfather’s Boat

A long time ago, when I was twelve years old, I remember my grandfather coming by the house, and he had a boat with him. I was amazed, for me it was the coolest thing. I was eating my lunch when he came to the house. At first he didn’t say anything because he was trying to keep it a secret, I guess. After eating lunch, he told my parents, and I to come outside. There it was, a bright white boat that stood fifteen feet in length, and it looked like it needed a lot of work. The year was 1997, so I was told, and I was twelve years old. I remember my grandfather working on the boat quite a lot. Almost every weekend he would be over my house he spent most of his day working on it. My dad helped him when he could, for he was always working. The floor, along with the seats, and other things needed to be fixed. Some of the floor needed repairs near the seat, and all the seats needed new material. It took about two years before it was done. The exterior of the boat wasn’t bad; it just needed some fiberglass work here and there. First the seats were redone with light blue for the pinstripes and dark navy blue for the seat itself. It took two weeks to put in the new material for the seats, but it looked flawless afterwards. Second the dark blue rug was put in by me and my grandfather. The old rug that had been there was covered with a dark green peat moss. It looked like the boat had been lying around for a couple years. Lastly, the exterior got touched up with fiberglass. After the boat was done, it looked completely different. The seats that were a dull white were now a nice solid blue. The exterior itself was nice and shiny, so clean you could see your reflection. It almost looked like a brand new boat when it was done.

Going on my grandfather’s boat is one of the...
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