My Ghost Story

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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It was a quiet, gloomy night when Megan, Emma and Amanda decided to camp the night in the forest behind Emma’s house. The three girls gathered their camping gear and headed into the dense forest. After a while, they discovered a small clearing. Megan and Amanda setup their tent while Emma assembled a campfire. They then sat around the campfire and roasted marshmallows. As they did this, Amanda began to tell a ghost story. She told her friends a story about an elderly man who was once stabbed to death in the forest where they sat. “His spirit still haunts the forest, trying to escape” she whispered. The girls laughed at the story. They filmed each other doing impersonations of the ghost. All of a sudden, the leaves began to rustle and the wind began to howl. A huge gust of wind blew out the campfire. They heard an eerie whisper coming from behind. “Help. Help me.” The voice whispered. Megan, Emma and Amanda screamed and ran hurriedly in the direction of Emma’s house. Amanda tumbled over a tree root, landing on the forest floor. As she stood, she noticed a ghostly figure glowing in the moonlight. Amanda ran speedily after her friends. The three girls made it to safety. The following day, Amanda told her friends what she had seen. The girls laughed, they weren’t convinced. So Amanda tried to forget about it. Later that day, Emma watched the videos she’d filmed the night before. Spotting something, she paused the clip. Stood behind the girls was a ghostly figure. It was the old man. A knife was embedded into his skull; blood trickled down the side of his face. Emma decided to show Megan and Amanda the video she saw. They were all terrified but for some reason they wanted to see the ghost in person so they all agreed to stay out their one more night. Instead of one camera they had more than one set up at a time. They all just sat there talking waiting around for something to happen. Megan stood up real fast and something just touch her on her back and that’s when...
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