My Free Association According to the Theories of Freud

Topics: Personality psychology, Sigmund Freud, Psychology Pages: 5 (2009 words) Published: February 25, 2012
Freud is a world-famous psychologist, who made a great contribution to the science of psychology and implemented the theory of psychoanalysis. His personality theory became the basis for many theories and teachings. The focus on the unconscious first introduced by Freud had a great influence on the development of psychology and psychoanalyses. It can be found plenty of different opinions concerning this subject expressed by different psychologists but it’s hard to find anybody, who would be indifferent when talking about unconsciousness. Freud stressed the important role of childhood memories and their big influence on all further life of the human. After I first read this theory I spent much time making an effort to recollect things from my childhood. What is notable, I soon understood that there are a lot of things I though I forgot forever but these memories were still hidden in the depth of my memory. I did not remember much unpleasant things from my childhood. I realized that mechanisms of regression did not let me to remember these things. Freud defined repression as the most powerful defensive mechanism. Its main function is the repression of the unconscious id impulses when they become conscious by some reasons. The main reason that turns on this mechanism is anxiety. The impulses can be so frightening that conscious is not able to deal with them so they are suppressed and kept in the subconscious part of our personality. Freud believed that childhood memories contain a lot of information, which the person doesn’t want to remember and that is why they become repressed. Repression can be voluntary and involuntary. Repression takes place in the cases of multiple personality disorder. These are cases when one part of personality has no access to another part. The possible explanation of these disorder reasons is that bad memories are so hard to accept that they are completely repressed to the consciousness of “another” person. Post-traumatic disorder and shell-shock can also be explained with the help of repression. Projection is another ego defensive mechanism described by Freud. He states that it’s used when the person transfers his worries to another person in order not to notice them in himself. When I went further in my self-investigation I realized that events from my childhood had a great impact on my all further life. My religious, social and even political likings and preferences became influenced by the events from my past. Freud stated that religious beliefs are formed in the early childhood. He considered that religious beliefs originate from child’s belief about father as about supreme power in his life (Freud, p. 198). As one of the proofs he gave the fact that in many religions God is called and treated as a Heavenly Father. Freud called religion deceitful trick of our mind and believed that its function was creating an illusion and hopes. Psychoanalytic interpretation of religion appeared on the Freudian influence but it looses its popularity nowadays. Freud stressed an importance of unconscious processes and for the personality development. Freud and Jung, as his successor were sure that unconscious motivates human behavior to great extend. Like mentioned before the discovery of unconscious was made by Freud and became the essence of his developmental theory. He stated that our unconscious process had been directed by different images from conscious laws. He did not believe that usual laws of logic and rational thinking could be applied to describe the movements of unconscious. According to Freud, unconscious moves had a great if not dominant influence on our personality and created conflict with social norms and authority figures. Discovering this unconscious moves Freud made the center of his treatment system called psychoanalyses. According to him an extent, to which the person is able to understand the drives and motives of his or her subconscious determines the level of personality...
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