My First Nephew

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My first Nephew
It was Saturday morning my sister Deisy and her husband Ismael went to the park to walk. We were at home eating breakfast. They came back and they said,”Abraham is coming.” We got everything we needed, got on the van and left. We were going as fast as the cars in the movie, “Two Fast to Furious.” We arrived at the hospital LB.Johnson, went to the second floor and filled out some paper work.

They took my sister in to check her and to see if she was ready for labor. We waited in the waiting room to see what was going to happen next. Then the nurse came out and called for my sister’s husband Ismael. He told my mom to go with him, and then my mom told my little brother Manuel and me to wait there in the waiting room with my big brother Jesus. I thought, “She is going to have the babe.” We waited patiently in the waiting room. My older brother Noe and his wife Carolina arrived. Then more of the family arrived. We went to the cafeteria to get something to eat. We were coming back and I told my brother, “Here comes Ismael.” Ismael comes out and told us, “Abraham was born.”

We rushed into the room a couple of us at a time. It was a long way to the room where my sister was with the babe. We finally got there the nurses got surprised because it was a lot of us. There he was in my dad’s arms. I thought, “He is so little.” But when I carried him I seen that he was bigger than I thought he was. My new born and first nephew, it felt so good when I carried him. I felt like crying but I didn’t.

I finally know how it feels to be an uncle. I have to look out for him and take care of him. I help my sister sometimes to change his dipper and I play around with him and make him laugh. He weights 16Lbs. and he barely has three months. He is big for his age, and has colored ayes.
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