My Favorite Place

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Everyone has their own one special place, a place where you can be you, where you can find peace and harmony. A place where you feel happy and comfortable being there. For some it’s a quiet place, for others it might be a hustling, bustling, full of people and movement place. But all of these places have one thing in common, they are places where you’d run into times of both joy and misery. This place for me is my bedroom. It’s a clam and cool place were I could do anything.

When you walk in to my room you see bright green walls and blue curtains. These are my favorite colors and make my room that much better. A 32-inch TV that is black and that I use a lot. My bed usually not made and messy is blue and grey and you just want to jump into it. Next to my bed is my light brown desk. This where I do my homework, eat, and use the computer. Then, there is my dark brown soft chair.

You can smell the leather chair, the fresh new bed sheets. You can even sometimes smell last nights dinner. The refreshing smell of my colon. All these smell combine to create a calm and cool environment for me that I love.

As soon as I walk in I can taste peace and quietness. I am just relaxed and it’s the best place to be after a stressful day. I can just turn on the TV and lay on my bed and all that stress goes away. The soft mattress helps a lot with releasing all the stress. These are the things that make my room my favorite place ever.

The feeling of relaxation and calmness comes over me as soon as I walk into my room. I can feel the softness in the bed and pillow. It feels as if I am lying on a soft fluffy cloud. There is nothing going through my mind, just the thought of peace and happiness.

The sound of peace and quite are the best sounds in my room. There is also the sound of the TV when its on and the sound of the board under the bed when you sit on it. Most importantly it is an relaxing feeling in my room and it is my favorite place.

My bedroom is my...
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