My Favorite Place

Topics: Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, Florida Pages: 2 (725 words) Published: September 20, 2012
Vanessa Phillips
Mr. Quintero
English III
August 15, 2012
Period 6
My Favorite Place
My favorite place would have to be Orlando, Florida. Mostly because Walt Disney World and Universal Studio’s Island of Adventure is located there. I love the Harry Potter land in Island of Adventure. I went with Chaffey’s band. They do a big trip every four years and small trips every year. When we went it was during spring break and I brought back many great memories from Orlando. I will share from the beginning of the tour.

It started when we had to arrive in the band room at three in the morning on a Sunday. Everyone was there, exhausted but ready. After that, we boarded the bus to LAX. It was already four-thirty by the time we got to the airport. Once we were inside, we had to another hour and a half to spare. We boarded the plane. We finally landed in Orlando International Airport. We got out of the airplane. We went as a group went to find for our luggage. Next, we had to look for our transportation to the hotel. Our hotel was the All-Star Music resort. Everyone was exhausted by the time we got to the hotel but later on most of the people went into the pool but we had to be in our rooms by ten at night.

We woke up about six o’clock in the morning to get breakfast. We had to meet by the buses that took us to Epcot. We all split up as soon we arrived. Later on we had to meet up by Italy because back stage was a little studio for musicians meant to teach us how recording studios work. We met up by Paris at six; there was a faire that took us to Hollywood Studios. When we arrived my group and I got on the Rock n Roll rollercoaster and Tower of Terror. We didn’t get back to the hotel till after two in the morning and we were going to Animal Kingdom the same morning. Later at eight, we arrived there when the park open. The first area me and my friends went to was in a section called Dino USA. The first ride we got on was called Dinosaur. So after that...
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