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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Alex Amani
Mrs. Dreyer
1st hour

Should College Fund be Paid by the Government

Doesn't everyone want to be successful? It's hard to be when most of us can't afford an education. College funds should be covered by the government instead of the student's and their parent's pockets. If the government would invest in covering all student's college funds, it would benefit the economy, give everyone an equal opportunity and students wouldn't have to start off their lives in debt. The government would be making a very smart invest and they would benefit greatly off it. The government paying for college funds would change lives and make a huge impact on our society. America would look better as whole if the government decided to go through with this idea. More people would choose college. Isn't education what this country needs?

The economy would be booming. There would be many more people working and keeping the income flowing through out the economy. More business' would be established. Poverty would be nearly diminished. America's economy would climb up the charts and be the best in the world again. There would be more of what we all need like, doctors, teachers and others. With majority of people having college degrees and with college degrees usually comes jobs, so there will be more people off the streets and cutting crime down. If people have jobs and a sturdy income they won't have to resort to stealing and selling drugs to survive. With crime rate down, the economy can only bloom even more. Giving America an even better look. With less crime, more jobs and a great economy America would be at it's best. Isn't being at the top what America always strives for?

If the government were to cover college funds it would give everyone an equal chance. A lot of kids chose not to go to college strictly due to the cost. Most average families can't afford all the college funds, but does that make the students not as smart, less worthy or less deserving?...
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